Character Creation

Welcome to character creation!

There are many things to consider when creating your character for Daybeth. This page will be used as a reference to help guide you in your character creation and to let you know what the DM’s are expecting of you.

The hook…..

We will be starting out with your character being hired by a lord. You are unsure as to why but you have been told to meet in a house at sunset near the lower district of Magemill. Please make sure you have in mind the skills and abilities you will be bringing to the group. Also make sure you have your motives clear for accepting the contract.


Also think about the status your profession has in society as you will be dealing with it on a regular basis. If your say a shifty rouge then be aware that people probably won’t trust you, and if a honorable paladin people may be willing to do things they normally wouldn’t.


Here are the roles necessary to complete the campaign. If one of these is available you will be asked to fulfill it. If someone has fulfilled the role that you wish to preform, you may contact them and work out an agreement, however it must be cleared with one of the DM’s. If all roles are filled then fill free to chose what you will.

  • Muscle (High Strength)
  • Stalker (Sneak)
  • Actor (Charismatic)


While not earth moving or exactly required to put much thought into religion plays a rather big role in Daybeth. Make sure you know how your character treats not only the religion it’s self but those who themselves may be very religious or those who aren’t religious.

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Character Creation

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