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Daybeth is mostly an industrial nation inside of the continent Antir. Daybeth is world renown for its crafted trade tools. If your crowbar is from Daybeth then you know it’s of good quality.


Daybeth has two classes. The merchant owners and social elite rule over everyone else with a heavy hand. Being born in the lower class has little chance of rising in the social ladder, with the only real hope being to become a merchant and hopefully be successful at it. However being born in the upper class is no picnic either with intrigue and backstabbing happening daily. From a young age you are taught to play the social games and to never trust anyone. Those who fail to learn these lessons often fall down.


Daybeth is a small nation stuck in the interior of Antir. Not having many natural resources means that most of the rare materials are imported for the workshops and merchants. The social elite often live above the clouds in floating islands called floaters that are above the dirt and grime of the surface. Often however there will be a central area that is kept very clean and clear that will have access to the floaters and house many of the city’s services.


Mountains border the south where the Dwarves and the nation of Acilasa mine for metals and gems. To the east are the fields of the nation of Ocaudric and the grasslands of the Halflings . To the North is the wild forests and hardy men of Glothiel. To the West is the coastal and island nation of Prarennor with the bounty of the sea and the knowledge of many thinkers. Daybeth it’s self is full of rolling hills with it’s cities often separated by small wild lands that are becoming overcrowded as the civilization of Daybeth continues to spread outward from it’s grimy walls.

Magic & Technology

Magic has grown with Technology in Daybeth. Both have grown in leaps and bounds in Daybeth where they are often melded together so as it’s hard to tell where one stops and the other begins.


Religion plays a major role in the affairs of Daybeth.

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